Oregon police find reported hand grenade was a dog poop bag dispenser

In a peculiar incident, Oregon police discovered that an item initially thought to be a hand grenade was actually a dog poop bag dispenser.

The McMinnville Police Department shared in a Facebook post that the suspicious object was found near the running track at Patton Middle School, located a safe distance from the school’s main buildings.

During the investigation, students were kept inside the school as a precaution while the police sought advice from the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad.

To maintain safety, the department utilized a drone to capture close-up images of what seemed to be a hand grenade.

“After reviewing the photographs, the item was determined to be a dog waste bag dispenser that is manufactured to resemble a hand grenade,” stated the Facebook post.

Following this revelation, the item was removed from the school’s premises, allowing normal school activities to proceed, as informed by the department.

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