Woman wins $50,000 after husband buys wrong lottery ticket

A fortunate mishap led to a Kentucky woman winning a $50,000 lottery jackpot, all because her husband accidentally purchased the wrong lottery ticket.

Tanya Hammonds from Newport recounted to Kentucky Lottery officials how she had asked her husband to buy her usual scratch-off tickets from Circle K on East 10th Street in Newport. However, he ended up bringing home a different set of tickets, located right next to her usual choice.

This serendipitous error turned out to be incredibly lucky, as one of the $50,000 Ca$h scratch-off tickets he bought was a $50,000 winner.

“Before I scratched the numbers, I scratched off the barcode and scanned it,” Hammonds shared with lottery officials. “I saw $50,000 and I thought the app was malfunctioning.”

Upon scratching the ticket, Hammonds found that all 30 spots revealed winning numbers, cumulating in a total prize of $50,000.

She mentioned that her immediate reaction was to capture the moment: the first thing she did was take a photo of the ticket and share a screenshot of the app result with her mother.

Hammonds has kept her plans for the newfound wealth under wraps, not specifying what she intends to do with her lottery winnings.

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